Before achieving worldwide fame as the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger had already solidified his legendary status in the realm of competitive bodybuilding. Garnering a remarkable seven victories at the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition, Schwarzenegger’s dominance was rivaled by only two individuals in history. One of these exceptional athletes is Ronnie Coleman, who clinched the Mr. Olympia title for an impressive eight consecutive years from 1998 to 2005, a period coinciding with Schwarzenegger’s transition from the silver screen to the realm of politics.

Despite their retirement from professional bodybuilding, both Schwarzenegger and Coleman continue to maintain remarkable physical condition, standing at ages 76 and 59, respectively. Notably, they derive immense enjoyment from engaging in joint weightlifting sessions. After all, who better to share the gym with than a fellow champion?

In a recent video showcased on Schwarzenegger’s YouTube channel, capturing a glimpse of their workout at the iconic Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, Coleman revealed his ongoing dedication to exercising six days a week. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger humorously confessed to aiming for a consistent seven-day regimen, although he pragmatically acknowledges that reality often settles closer to five or six days.

With a lighthearted tone, Schwarzenegger quipped, “You’ve got to cover all the bases, just in case someone suddenly declares, ‘It’s time to hit the stage and strike a pose.'” Evidently, a readiness to embrace unexpected challenges remains a cornerstone of their approach to fitness.

 As their workout progresses, Coleman playfully insists on completing 15 reps per set, a notable contrast to Schwarzenegger’s 12 reps, evoking some light-hearted mock exasperation from the Austrian Oak.  

“People are observing, and they’re like, ‘Why does Ronnie always add those three extra reps compared to Schnitzel?'” he quips with a grin. “Look at those reps. How can anyone possibly keep pace with that rhythm? You’re witnessing the distinction between the eight-time Mr. Olympia and the modest seven-time Mr. Olympia… Right here, you see the way you’re hammering out those reps while I’m putting in the effort.”

Naturally, sacrificing proper form or safety for the sake of a few extra reps is strongly discouraged. However, for a seasoned pro like Coleman, it presents yet another opportunity to good-naturedly rib his close friend.